we+Ruby Gardens

An elegant identity for a mixed-use building complex in Amsterdam, set in a retro-modern trend. Based on shapes inspired by nature, harmony and ecology. Calm, gentle, delicate, nostalgic.

About Ruby Gardens

Ruby Gardens is a new development and the cornerstone of a vibrant new neighbourhood in the Amstel III area, located in Amsterdam Zuidoost. Creatively and thoughtfully designed, with a top floor warmly illuminated like a lighthouse, it will become a new iconic city landmark. Two elegant towers of warm-toned brick, granite and concrete are supported on a natural stone plinth. One tower is for residents, the other for offices. All enjoy high ceilings and great views.

On top of the plinth sits a public roof garden – visible from the ground level – complete with eating, meeting, work and event spaces.


Across all branding materials and items, carefully designed responsive website stands out as the most important carrier of Ruby Gardens brand values and style. Precisely planned structure and consistent, elegant visuals were carefully designed to stimulate interest in the complex across all potential target groups.