we+MOC Radio

Polskie Radio, together with its regional radio stations, established MOC Radio – Association of Radio Media Employers. The organisation brings together and represents 17 entities, and our task was to create a coherent visual communication strategy for it.

Project timeline

1: explore + evaluate

and talks

The first and particularly important stage in the development of a new project is the initial discussion. It allows us to define the requirements for the project and the goals we want to achieve together. It allows us to get to know the client’s needs better and to respond to them more accurately when creating a visual identity project for a new brand.

2: define + distil

and strategy

Our primary challenge was to create a visual identity that would reflect the professional character of the many different entities associated with the organisation.

At the same time, it was important to develop a concept that would give a distinctive character to the newly established brand.

3: imagine + inspire

Brand concept proposals

In response to the brief, we developed four concepts for the organisation’s logotype, each of which addressed the client’s needs in a slightly different way. Along with the logos, we presented our idea for translating the logotype concept into further visual communication.

5: launch + learn

Website – desktop

A particularly important element of the work on the creation of MOC Radio was the website. At the initial stage, we created a functional mock-up of the site so that we could work with the client to fine-tune the layout of the content and basic functionalities before embarking on the graphic design.

Website – mobile

After accepting the functional layout of the website, we moved on to work on the graphic design. The mobile site was particularly important to us, as the vast majority of the site’s audience view it on their phones.

Social media

We also developed a graphics template for MOC Radio’s social media. We developed several possible content layouts so that at a later stage the client could create differentiated content on their SM channels on their own.

Powerpoint presentation template

We created the MOC Radio presentation template. We developed the style of the individual slides, typography and charts so that the presentations created by the client remained consistent and elegant.

6: guide + grow

Care and supervision of communication consistency

We place great importance on how our work translates into the subsequent functioning of the brand. That’s why we are happy to help with the seamless implementation of a project and include artistic supervision, as we are keen to ensure that once the work is done, it can work for years to come.