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In the design process, it is essential to understand the client’s needs and preferences. A brief, no matter how good, never says it all. Eye-to- eye meetings (even if we’re separated by computer screens) can be an invaluable way to share information related to the project and the client. It’s all in the details – how the client thinks and talks about their project, what style and designs that they like and mention – all of this sheds new light on the project and helps us understand the client’s needs. And that accelerates the process and leads to excellent designs.

Our office is located in Żoliborz, a central district of Warsaw, but our work has a global reach, with clients from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Latvia, Romania, Sweden, and the United States. With physical proximity no longer a prerequisite for close cooperation, our team uses Skype, simple phone calls or Google hangouts to be there for our clients.

We Design Studio Graficzne

Toeplitza 2/48

01-560 Warszawa

T: +48 728 177 980 E: See on map

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