We had the pleasure of designing the graphic identity and look and feel of MindJazz, a self-help tool for young people struggling with OCD. A key part of the work was the strategic stage, during which we developed a visually unique approach to hit the expectations and preferences of the target group.

What is OCD?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is the need to perform repetitive actions or rituals, such as washing hands or checking the door locks, with a frequency that disrupts normal functioning and can take the joy out of life. The problem, according to some estimates, affects up to one in forty people.

A helping hand in the fight against OCD

MindJazz is an innovative app that assists in freeing oneself from OCD habits. Its creator and startup owner Ireneusz Budzisz, in collaboration with a team of professional therapists and using the best available scientific knowledge (including the golden canon in the fight against OCD – ERP therapy), has created specially designed exercises to support psychotherapy, with a built-in 24/7 assistant and the possibility of live contact with a therapist.

Unique approach

MindJazz’s target audience is young people who are great at social media and mobile apps. 
We didn’t want to create another boring app that wouldn’t resonate with the younger generation.