Good design is in the details, so we walk you through a proven process and see your project through to the end – and beyond. Giving you all our attention and care every step of the way – so nothing gets missed and you hit your goals.

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    explore+ evaluate

    The process always kicks off with a face-to-face workshop (no matter where you’re based) using creative exercises and collaborative thinking to explore your brand. Then we carry out audits and research. The result is a deep understanding of your business, industry and customers that will help drive your business forward.
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    define+ distil

    We define your values, features, niche, personality, and how your brand will feel. We distil this into a beautifully simple ‘strategic anchor’ that will inform all of our work. At the same time, we refine the project's scope so you know you’ll get what you need to hit your goals.
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+ inspire

    As a design team, we all work together to imagine all creative possibilities and then find three completely different concepts that capture your brand essence. You’ll choose the core concept, then we'll perfect it together over a few iterations. You’ll be working directly with your project manager and lead designer all along the way – the closer we work together, the better.
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    realize+ refine

    Design is a business tool. Beautiful branding alone won’t get you where you want to be. As we design all your materials, we’re evolving your visual identity to make your value clear, solve common business challenges, and inspire your customers to act. Every piece will work powerfully and enhance the whole experience from your site to your signage.
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    launch+ learn

    Getting ready to launch is all about detailed preparation, thorough testing, and quality control to execute everything exactly as imagined, consistently with the brand. We can even help with launching ideas to bring the brand to life. And of course, our work doesn’t end there – we look to see how it is received and works in practice, then adapt as needed.
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    guide+ grow

    As brand guardians, we offer ongoing training and support to help you embed, own and manage your brand. Every 6-12 months, we can carry out a brand review to keep your brand on course, address any potential challenges, and make sure it evolves to stay relevant and contemporary.
  • We Design makes great designs. They work fast, they understand business and they always seek the best solutions. But it’s their commitment that distinguishes them from the other agencies. It’s obvious that their work is their passion and they put a lot of heart in it.

    Krzysztof Darmetko Healthdom